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    We make opportunities of business take-off with professional corporate analysis and M&A strategy, not so much as searching the most appropriate company through our economic network when our clients have some trouble in management or have any plan to launch the new field of business. Our work can get rid of the whole risk existing in the first stage of the entrance into the market. We're doing the necessary steps for our clients as follows:

    • Acquisition or selling-out of the corporation
    • Setting up the strategy of M&A and selecting the target company
    • Corporate analysis and valuation
    • Helping negotiation stage of M&A process
    • Advising the due diligence of companies

    • Consultation on the restructuring of a company
    • Consultation on the division of a company
    • Investment attraction after restructuring of a corporation

    • Making relationship with strategic alliance among companies
    • Recommendation and intermediation of joint venture
    • Strategic alliance and mediation of stock selling

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