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      SoftBank Finance SoftBank Finance
      Online One-Stop Financial marketplace

      로서브 Lawserve
      Online legal advice and venture support center

      법무법인 지평 Horizon Law Corporation
      Legal expert for venture corporations

      이커뮤니티 E-community
      Korea No.1 venture community

      델타아이엠씨 DeltaIMC
      IT integrated marketing & Headhunting Firm

      스카이벤처 SKY-venture
      Venture portal site various information and news

      크레디앙 Credian
      Private asset management and financial information

      벤처클럽@소프라노 Venture club Sofrano
      Plaza for venture entrepreneurs

      삼일회계법인 Samil accounting corporation
      Accounting & tax affairs, auditing, management consulting

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