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  • Registration service for venture certificate
  • Registration for software developer & program copyright registration
  • Registration for research center & special army service
  • Registration for negotiable instruments issuance
  • Advisory service for launching into the third stock exchange in KOREA

  • Review for optimal capital structure
  • Consultation on the requirement of entering KOSDAQ market
  • Selecting and mediating superintendent securities company for IPO

  • Acquisition or selling out of a company
  • Consultation on the restructuring of a company
  • Advisory service for strategic alliance among companies

  • Instruction for investors relations (IR)
  • Demonstration of strategic management method for companies
  • Preparing and reviewing business plan
  • Consultation on issuing CB, BW, etc.

  • Financial advisory service for invested companies
  • Company analysis for investors
  • Analysis on stock issuance
  • Review on optimal equity sturucture

  • Technology trend analysis in contemporary market
  • Business item assessment and development service
  • Synergy effect analysis among technologies

  • Tax & accounting including book-keeping service
  • Establishing corporation with registration service
  • Company assessment of finance & accounting
  • Foreign investment and establishing a corporation in foreign countries
  • Domestic investment by foreign companies

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